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Cutlery bags with Napkins
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Cutlery bags with Napkins
With its EuroPochette® (international registered trademark), the limited company has produced an alternative for the traditional method of 'rolling' cuttlery into a napkin. The EuroPochette® is supplied ready for use, filled with a two-ply napkin (33x33 or 40x40 cm) and is, therefore, a handy, time-saving and hygienic way of setting the cuttlery out onto the table. There are many variations (products) of the EuroPochette®, and it can easily be personalised with a name imprint. For you this is an elegant way of making your business look even more stylish, and to promote it. Hotel, restaurant and pub owners, who have already been using the EuroPochette® for a long time, are convinced of the benefits that this product has to offer, and are keen to tell us that the EuroPochette® leaves the customers with a very positive impression.


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